Psalm 90:12 has always been one of my favorite life verses! “TIME” may be your greatest resource to invest in HIS work- Some of you can imagine the seriousness of that verse….especially for someone like me who humanly should have been dead– many times–over in my life. Of course, that will have to be another “book” still unpunished but burning in my heart.

In 1992, many local village people in ‘Kuti’ , Bihar North India said I was dead–after a horrible motorcycle accident–but they said “angels from heaven revived me”. I had amnesia and totally clueless regarding who I was or where I was, what I was doing or where I was from. There was something very scary and sobering about all of that has scarred me deeply on the outside and inside. I was blazing a trail alone, reaching some totally unreached people groups. I had a severe skull fracture, radical concussion, mouth and teeth smashed, and three vertebrae broken in my back. With NO HOSPITAL or medical professionals, I was transported sandwiched between two Indian pastors on another motorcycle to a nearby village. There at some kind of local church one of their native missionaries tried to sew up my skull and face with some kind of “cat gut”!

Why am I thinking about this? Not sure–other than taking the Gospel to the neediest people and places is NO joke. It is serious business according to Scripture (Matt. 28, Acts 1:8, Rom. 15:20, etc.). Just days ago, I again left my beloved Barb and family (and so many other precious faithful friends)… to continue our ongoing ministry of discipleship, training, evangelism, church planting, orphanages, etc. etc. that is now spanning over 33 years in INDIA. Who can measure the results of each and every PRAYER that has surrounded these trips ?? God says, “one day with the Lord is like a 1,000 years.” In some strange and mysterious divine economy –we have ministered thousands of YEARS into India in the light of eternity! “His Word does not return void but will accomplish that where unto He sends it” ( Isa. 55:11)

OK….just a little peek into one of our HIM ministries but is still only the tip of the iceberg. I am forever “beating myself up” and feeling guilty that I am unable to “package” or “brand” all the HIM ministries so to enlighten and motivate more people but here are my crumbs once again. (Mark 7:25-30) and a simple plea to PRAY for our family, team, staff, national workers. at this time. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to keep us on the cutting edge–sharing the ONE and ONLY answer for life !