A team of workers from Heartland International Ministries made their most recent trip to Nicaragua in November 2014. Those who know Fred Kornis, know that he is an Evangelist. Fred loves to proclaim the Gospel, boldly and loudly! He is assisted with translation by Orston Quinn, a HIM PAL (Partner and Leader Servant) from Corn Island, a small island off the coast of Nicaragua.

Fred is talking with a young woman selling cotton candy in the town square of Leon.

Fred sharing the gospel while enjoying a roadside omelet.

Fred has been making regular trips to Nicaragua for over 22 years, first arriving while the country was still involved in a bloody civil war. HIM has had a partnership with ACIBEN, the Association of Christian Baptist Churches in Nicaragua since its start. Conceived as a coalition of indigenous Pastors who wanted to avoid politics and simply teach the Bible. ACIBEN has grown over the years along with the relationships. Fred has seen young boys grow into Pastors and Leaders.