“Paradoxes” …!?!  That is a very important word.  

I remember looking it up one time in the dictionary trying to be more precise.  It said something like “an apparent contradiction, but not a real “contradiction”.  I wonder how much the deceiver uses “paradoxes” to trip up skeptics unbelievers and even Christians?

One of the great problems, especially in our arrogant culture, is assuming that we can actually “reason” all the issues of life out in our little finite brains!!  That is so totally impossible, laughable, ridiculous, and very sad!  For example, how could God Himself be fully human and fully God at the same time??  How could God be ONE and three at the same time?  How could sinful people be broken and blessed at the same time?  How could God give you His very perfect holy righteousness…totally apart from any “works”  of your own?  There are many many more simple “paradoxes” that surround us every day.  God calls us clearly TO LIVE BY FAITH and not by sight!  He is the potter we are the clay. How dare the clay accuse the POTTER  of any wrong or contradictions?

Certainly, God hates pride.  God resists the proud!  But praise God he gives grace to the humble.  Embracing all the Mistry’s paradoxes of life without demanding some kind of puny human answers… frees us to worship God in spirit and in truth.  That’s exactly what God is looking for…humble hearts to worship him in spirit and in truth!

(John 4: 21–26)  Lets be honest about our heart attitudes, confess or pride and grow in faith and a spirit of WORSHIP…  He waits!!