Urgent: Upcoming India Project – Blazing Trails in India
Fred is heading out to train hundreds of nationals in India, meeting in several strategic places.
Video Transcript:
“Praise the Lord, life goes on. This is 2017 already. Some of us never thought we’d make it past 1984.  You know I thank you for, if you know who I am or have heard of HIM, that you pray and think about our work.  We’re trying to get the Word and God’s presence, His plan, and His purpose outside of the institution.  I’m just getting ready to head to India, this right now the first of April and I’ll be there for six weeks.  I really pray that you would maybe participate just spiritually and pray.  We’re going to blaze some trails.  I know I’ve burned some bridges, but we want to blaze trails. We ask you to just hang in there and be a part of this.  If you have any questions I pray you contact our office manager and operations manager Angel.  We just want you to know that we are heading out! So much is going on all of the time – every 24 hours we’re getting stuff in from around the world, and it’s very serious.  Some of us have some real concerns that once the power grid goes down, we’re talking about North Korea bombing us, or some crazy satellite tests over there. None of us really know what’s going on politically and all of the stuff, and we’re just kind of selfish or proud to think that everything is going to be business-as-usual.  So when I take off, I have to say “Hey, if I never see you again – if this is it, here, there, or in the air, I’ll see you in Heaven!”  But, we don’t know what’s happening, and so we need to be living on the edge, living for eternity, because this world is passing away.  Jesus warned us “don’t lay your treasures up in earth, but lay them up in Heaven.”  So thank you for being a part of all that God is doing through Heartland International Ministries.  Just be assured that we really need your prayers.  I am going in to train hundreds of national leaders in India. We’re meeting in several strategic places throughout India in the villages with unreached people groups in North India. We need your prayer and we need your covering.  And I won’t be any more specific just in case.  God bless you, and praise the Lord!  Have a good day!”