… Thank you so much for your prayers… Even while we were circulating throughout India…Sharing our crumbs…. And encouraging so many simple poor people here… There are still needs from other parts of the world that never never stop…
Our God is a great God… May he do exceedingly abundantly above all that we can ask or even think… For his glory –   Your partner for ETERNAL business….
Fred kornisDear Apostle Fred, and Our all friends,
Many greetings to you all in Jesus name.  It is my hope that you’re fine and doing well in the Lord.

Please consider it as serous case by the love and grace of our Lord Jesus, Let me come back to you for only 4 reasons but please forgive me for this:

1. on 5th of every month is our dates to pay rent for the Orphanage
2. we need food in the orphanage situation is not good here we are asking for your prayers and help so that children can have food to eat.
3. we still need blankets, bed sheets, beds and some mattress.  Please stand with us as we need this time around.
4. 9 children were sent back home for school fees and uniforms.

May the lord Jesus bless you for your prayers and support. We hope to hear from you as the Lord leads you in Jesus name.

pastor Simon