John 15: 1-17
After 12 days together, Scott returned to US & I have continued deeper into the heart of India, ministering and staying in the homes of our HIM PALS/workers.​Now, after 4 weeks we have spoken in over 25 meetings and sensed such a spirit of revival and awakening among God’s people … and lost Seekers!  Daily we spend hours at dawn LISTENING to God in His Word.  He and His Word are SOOOOOOO Alive!  Hebrews 4:12-13.

​These are the kind of fruit (ROI) your PRAYERS are producing…..

**Team/workers in sharing CIRCLES… opening up to God & each other with honesty, equality, love and unity
**Special cash $$ surprise gifts to help each, families and church planting
**Meetings in overflow house churches
**5 one-day TRAINING programs with meals, handouts, tea time & snacks
** Open air spontaneous evangelistic meetings on streets, train platforms, etc
**Many waiting in lines for needs & serious PRAYER over their lives/situations
**Special HANDS-ON training with Gospel rope story… 50 ropes distributed for EVANGELISM!
**Hours & hours of family times and life discussions and prayer…
**Visit to Ray’s beloved widow, CHRISTA, original OPERATION MOBILISATION in India leadersAs usual, I “pour out my heart & soul”!  The reality of the spiritual realm … and ETERNITY never cease to overwhelm and drain me as I “FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT” .. Ephesians 6:10–19

YOUR PART…. is so serious & critical! Some of you pray, encourage, give and love!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  Praise the Lord!  Heaven will reveal your FRUIT that remains.  All the “lessor” issues of this distracting, deceiving, and selfish world will soon pass away.  With John the Baptist we continue to cry — “HE MUST INCREASE,  I MUST DECREASE”  John 3:30.

Thanks for remembering us…..

In His reality,