We praise the Lord that young people are coming to the Lord and accepting Jesus Christ as their savior.  In this week’s blog post, we are sharing a testimony of a young man that we rejoice about!

This is my spiritual life story: my mother died while I was only two years old, and my uncle raised me and took care of me.  I was taking care of our goats and cows.  While I was six years old, I came to the Christian school and went to school every day.  I was feeling a great joy and love from school staff, project in-charge, and teachers more than parents.  While certain teachers were coming to school one or two times in a week and were sharing Bible stories to the school children, I was sitting close to them and was learning Bible stories. This teaching was very different from our faith, as we were praying to idols.  ​​I was feeling that I am sinner and I need forgiveness.  I was in the end of the class 4th (4th grade) and my spirit was making me sad that I need to be saved, and I was talking to my elders that how I can be saved.  They were telling me this:
If you go to the rivers, dip yourself in, and wash yourself there you will be saved and clean.  I was telling them that I am washing and dipping myself every day in our close-by canal, but this water not a same like the river, They were telling that its different water.

My spirit was still making me sad, and I started feeling that the teaching from the Bible which I am hearing from the teachers are true.  I learned and something was leading me in my heart to believe that its true that God himself came in this World in Jesus Christ.  The annual exam started, and after annual result, I met specially to one of my tearchers and told the teacher about my spiritual feeling.  I told about what they are teaching us: that Jesus Christ came in this World,  He was the real God, and He came to this world and shed His blood on cross to save the world who believe and accept Him, as you said that Jesus died on cross and was buried and He was raised from the dead after three days and and met His disciples and many other people, after some time He was lifted to sky in His human body and lives with God and will come again to judge the world, sinners will go to hell and His believers, He will take them with Him, and they will stay with Him.Then I told the teacher that I believe this teaching and I want to accept Jesus as my savior and to please pray for me.  Then the teacher prayed for me and said “Lord, accept this boy as your son, as he accepts you as his savior. Lord, forgive him and give him your eternal peace.”  I prayed myself too to Lord, and I prayed: “Lord, I am sinner. I accept you as my savior.  Jesus I pray to you to forgive me, and I will fallow you. Lord, give me your peace in my spirit and life.”  Jesus Christ heard my cry and gave me peace, and I am in peace now.  My teacher always encouraged me in my daily life. Then I started learning more about Jesus and started reading the Bible.

Now I am singing “…I have decided to fallow Jesus, not turning back, not turning back!”  I am working as a security guard, pray to God, learn more from His words, and I have peace in my heart and spirit!  I praise the Lord that I am not an idol worshiper any more!

I am sharing this in my family and with my friends that whosoever accepts Jesus Christ as his savior, the Lord Jesus Christ will give him His own peace and His eternal life. It’s my little testimony.  Please keep me in your prayers, and also keep praying for those who are hearing and learning His living words from those teachers in our families and in our community.