As many of you know, I took on all of the administration duties April 1, which is a lot in & of itself. This trip was going to be a test of sorts to see how working remotely from a different country, obviously not knowing if or when I’ll have internet access, would work. I also knew balancing what it requires to go on a trip & keeping up with the admin. was going to be hard, but I wanted to try. I believe it is so important to know who we are helping and understand their lives and needs so that I can do my admin. job better.  It has been a lot to juggle, but being here makes all of the hard work worth it. Getting up at 5:30am to do admin. work before our day begins is worth it. 🙂
On Sunday, we went to visit a small village of about 35 homes with 1,000 people…
They have to walk 3/4-1 mile on a hard, rocky road just to get water from a creek. After carrying it back on their heads, they will use this small amount of water for everything – cooking, eating, bathing, washing. It is obviously not clean or safe to drink, but somehow they manage. It is a 6 mile walk to “town” on these same horribly rocky roads and many rely on hitching a ride on the back of the daily milk truck at 6am (about the only vehicle that can make it to this village – picking up milk from the cows). As I was talking to the church congregation, I looked into a young mother’s eyes and felt heartache. I couldn’t help but pull her aside after and tell her that I saw something in her eyes and felt something was wrong. At first she didn’t want to share, but after feeling our love, she shared that her daughter has anemia, she has no food, barely a shelter and no money. Her daughter needed to get to the doctor badly. As I lifted her, I could not believe she was 3 years old, she was so light. We went to her home, left what snacks and water we had with us, gave her some money for food and the doctor…most importantly, we prayed and we promised to keep in touch with her. That she was not alone in this. She told us that the only thing she had really was her faith. She had been fasting for a week for God to help her. …and then we show up! This was a place that was not even on our radar when we came here. We decided last minute to go there to take the Pastor a new bicycle and this happens.

THIS is why juggling everything is worth it to me. THIS is what real faith is. Fasting and praying for God to provide food when there is none and medicine for a sick daughter. Believe me, my faith is strengthened when I see things like this. God does answer prayers.

Please join me in prayer for this village because they desperately NEED a water well. I wish I had several thousand more dollars to drive a truck full of rice & beans to this village and give every household a bag of each … and that I brought a hundred more water filters.