<<< Below is a very recent letter of praise to the Lord Jesus Christ from one of our HIM PALS working in India >>>

Dear Pr. Dr. Fred Kornis,

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am sending a story/report from the mission fields.  One of our certain pastors, who is a current HIM partner, is targeting unreached villages in India.  This certain village is about 20 miles from the pastor’s house.  In this village are 2500 people who were not Christians and were living without our Lord Jesus Christ.  The entire village were idol worshipers having a tribal background.  In this village, a man named Nanu has a wife named Deetu who is 28 years old.  She was mentally disturbed with a severe mental sickness, and due to it she used to runaway from the house, throw stones towards the people, would shout, and would scream.  Nanu and his family have spent a lot of money for her treatments, have killed chickens and goats, and have also given a lot of money to witch doctors.  Through all of that there was no cure.

Then with a burden, the pastor was praying for this village to share the gospel message.  The pastor has gone three times to the village to do evangelism and walk-pray, and he was praying for the villagers to open their heart for the Lord.  At last, the pastor could meet the man’s relatives who shared about the man’s wife, and the pastor encouraged the relatives to try and pray with Lord Jesus Christ.

​The pastor came back home, and afterwards Nanu’s relatives shared with Nanu all about the pastor.  In the month of November 2017, Nanu and three of his brothers caught Deetu and brought her to the pastor where he was conducting Sunday service, and on the first Sunday the pastor shared gospel messages, gave them the Bible, and prayed for Deetu.  When they went back to their village, they saw that Deetu was changing in her attitude: now she is not screaming and not throwing stones. This made Nanu and his family begin to think about how the Lord Jesus Christ moved in the life of Deetu!

Today they are seeing changes in Deetu’s life.  Now, they have brought her continually to every Sunday at pastor’s house for the Sunday service, and within one and half months she was completely delivered from the mental sickness.  And now she is good, working as a good wife of Nanu, and taking care of her responsibilities.

This was the great miracle in the life of Deetu, and this miracle has opened the door for the gospel message.  The three brothers who brought her along with Nanu have given their life to lord Jesus Christ and now her entire family have given their life to Lord Jesus Christ!  And after seeing Deetu’s life change, two families have come to know Lord Jesus Christ, and now the pastor is conducting fasting, prayer, and fellowship with this family.

We praise the Lord for his wondrous working, and the Lord has opened new ways and doors, and there is now fellowship.

Thanks to Our Lord Jesus Christ.