Please remember our Development Director, Angel Hecht and family in PRAYER-  She just had serious hysterectomy surgery last week and will be recovering for several weeks. Obviously we do not want to drain or strain her with too much attention – with our saturating social media!!  But please pray as she is also scheduled for another rotator-cuff operation after this recovery!!

We are very aware of the endless “tearjerking“ — nearly manipulating appeals and cries we all get daily. We have probably gone to the other extreme to hold back many of our issues in order to protect you! Obviously we cannot keep up with all the needs in our lives and the world. Great versus like Isaiah 26:3 remind us that we must keep our heart and mind fixed on HIM! In the last 24 hours literally… We have been hit with suicide attempts, people in horrible domestic crisis, pleas for help from many very poor people around the world, and even today having to help someone come home from the hospital who has just had a 30 pound mass of cancer removed from their stomach! Yes, the world is fallen And is in painful travail. We all need to be very discerning about our reactions to these endless needs around us. I have been living in five months of chronic pain and one arm that does not work anymore! With so many other people that have worse situations… We hate to draw any attention to ourselves. But in reality there are many of you… And friends who are always sincerely curious… And sympathetic… Wanting to know more details. That in itself is very draining to answer endless questions… When really… There are no final answers! Constant complications are the norm!

We are all living by faith… And just the littlest thing can express our love and concern for each other. “Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ“…. somehow balanced with we all must bear our own cross!? So let me just say…THANK YOU SO MUCH for the private and personal way that you go into your “closet“ and shut the door and pray to the Father, who sees in secret, and who rewards you openly”  Matt 6:6

Barb and I both also have surgeries scheduled!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!! In season and out of season!!!  1Thess.5:18
God bless YOU!!!