Often… I’m pondering… How we have never begun to scratch the surface on what PRAYER is all about.  “Talk is cheap” we always say… And we definitely talk more about PRAYER than actually praying… And talking to God Himself! I’m sending this to YOU… because I believe you know something about prayer ?????

At this time and season of my life… When my intensity — after 60 years has caught up with me! It’s really not pretty! I’ve been a pusher… Mover and shaker…!!??  But now so much has come to a screeching halt. I have been going 100 miles an hour… All my life… And suddenly… Suddenly I’m forced to go at 15 or 20 miles an hour!!! Real “Grace” is now working deeper and greater than ever in my life. Weird and painful mental battles go on about not being able to blaze any trails… Not deserving… Not earning… Any love or support for our lives and the ministry!?!


Barb and I are facing some of the greatest challenges of our life right now… (50 years together!)  Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, domestically,… So i’m coming as honestly and humbly as possible to ask that you might “practice“ some of your prayer life on us. In a weird way… We are excited that God has led us in a new and deeper way at this time but we know we can never go this alone. we are reaching out to you for prayer.

It is so hard to summarize… And explain all the details, complications, circumstances and issues that we juggle. Just use your sanctified imagination!! God bless you… And be assured we know who you are… And we pray for you and love you also!!  Matt. 6:6 THANK YOU!!

Fred and Barb Kornis,

Everyone keeps asking “what happened?“… Well the following list… Is the only way I can explain it…. thanks so much for those of you who care… And have been asking for some update… …. oh thank God for the network and team of faithful workers God has helped us develop in over 20 countries that keeps our ministry going around the clock… Hallelujah!!!