From Fred – As I drive hundreds and hundreds of miles across the USA… I can’t help but observe, sense, ponder, and see our “culture” in a deeper way. The gradual changes… Like boiling the frog slowly that has happened in the last 40 years is basically unperceivable and most just don’t even care… The saturation and complete overwhelming suffocation of information stress -and survival for the average person… Has fueled a great aggressive fear, arrogance and selfishness that has subtly but very practically and profoundly changed our total culture and way of life. Constantly being fueled and stimulated by the constant hype, entertainment, education, media, and the devilish affects of cell phones and iPads on all relationships  is so sad… But no one cares! Our emotions and sensitivities of conscience have been so seared and Hardened… no one knows the difference between what is artificial and what is real or what right sir what is wrong.  One rarely hears A genuine apology or remorse over offending or hurting others. The new “zombie“ lifestyle attitude of everyone from children to senior citizens is scary as they live constantly holding and staring at their cell phones as the focus of everything . The reality that every phone call -every advertisement – every news report -every conversation- is  laced with deception and who knows what kind of Dangerous motives….??? The trash, filth and gross mental and spiritual pollution is in the air we breathe!

I realize by my thinking – or expressing these concerns – will be quickly attacked and categorized as being “negative“  and extreme ..  because bazaar fantasy and goofy absurdity… Is NOW really “cool“ and Paraded  as normal. Many sick forms of perversion, filth, EVIL , depravity, and Sin is protected and pushed upon all of us , worst of all on innocent naïve children . The dumbing down of America… now makes us the laughingstock of the world!! We have come to the point that we all seem to be open and excepting of anything but the truth!  We Even seem ready to accept “AI”—  “artificial intelligence“ and the Antichrist himself to control us completely!  Our new world…  with  No freedom… No class… No morals… No language… No boundaries… No absolutes … No laws… No honesty… No loyalty… NO patriotism… No respect… No discipline… No love… No forgiveness… No sympathy… NO intelligence… No wisdom…  NO guilt… NO reverence… No sense of the sacred… And the worst of all… NO FEAR OF GOD!!!

Nothing… Nothing whatsoever can explain how this world and our human race continues without complete collapse and total chaos … except THE MERCY OF GOD!!! But time is running out…    JOSHUA 1:8-9