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Pick-up truck beginnings


It all started in the back of a pickup truck on a rainy night in Nicaragua. Fred Kornis and Tony Reyes talked and dreamed about how they could help connect two world groups. One sphere was made up of poor, Third World countries where they had been planting churches, evangelizing, and ministering to people. The other was the United States–often rich and affluent needing to connect with real needs in suffering areas of the world. And so, Heartland International Ministries, or H.I.M., was born in 2001.

Now, celebrating our 17-year-anniversary, we have over 30 Partner and Leader Servants (PALS) throughout the world in India, Nicaragua, Zambia, Philippines, Croatia, Pakistan, and the USA. They each have many partners and workers that are part of their teams- which adds up to over 150 workers. Several volunteers help at the headquarters which also serves as a beacon of hope in the heart of America. We put out a quarterly newsletter to let all our friends, family, churches and donors know what we have been doing to further the Kingdom.

In 2008, we became a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). Through the years, we’ve continued to train leaders, evangelize, equip and help those in need in over 20 countries around the world.

And so HIM was born in 2001.