ABOUT HIM | Vision & Goals

Our Vision


To come together as the Body of Christ, realizing our potential to do good, and spreading glory to God’s name in all regions of the world through teaching, preaching, listening, helping, encouraging, and praying. Evangelizing peoples of the world is the primary goal and focus. H.I.M. is dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to the peoples of the world through the following means:


  1. Public proclamation.
  2. Personal witnessing.
  3. Printed materials.
  4. Presentations in audio, video and any viable means of technology.
  5. Partnering with like-minded ministries.

Our Goals


  1. To evangelize those who have not yet made a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. To establish training mechanisms throughout the world that will be devoted to educating believers in sound biblical principles.
  3. To focus on mentoring and ministry program that will sustain the believers in their own personal faith, equip them to share their faith with others and be faithful to a local church..
  4. To engage, encourage and emphasize fresh renewal, revival and revitalization within individuals and institutions.
  5. Facilitate responses and relief by churches, believers and teams to national and international emergencies and crisis.

Helping Developing Nations

We prioritize helping people in developing nations.  Our many years of relationships and involvements cover levels of life and unique circumstances.

Equipping Believers

We are a non-profit mission organization that does various kinds of humanitarian work, training, equipping believers, reaching into needs and places where the opportunities to know the Creator and Savior are very limited.  ​

Training Partners

Training, sustaining, and revitalizing believers and churches. Partners and Leader Workers (PALS) outreach by engaging, ministering, equipping, and sharing.

Our Strategies


Training Leaders

  1. Person to person mentoring and friendship.
  2. Spiritual and personal counseling.
  3. Intensive and extensive educational programs.
  4. Direct consulting and advising.

Sustaining the Body

  1. Lectures that are focused on the individual need for discipleship.
  2. Course work that is both intensive and extensive that are designed for spiritual maximum enrichment.
  3. Church planting and growth strategies which are geographically appropriate, culturally sensitive, and intentionally designed to equip and empower ministry objectives of the national church.
  4. Distribution of books and literature wherever hearts are hungry!
  5. Always referring and relating contacts to local churches.

Revitalizing Institutions and Individuals

  1. Anointed preaching and teaching for believers who gather together.
  2. Prayer, fasting, repentance and reconciliation challenges.
  3. Networking and referral partnerships with others of “like mind.”

Relief Efforts

  1. Preparing and training believers to respond to any natural or human crisis.
  2. Providing funds, resources and support for leaders in affected areas.
  3. Networking and assisting other agencies in crisis relief.

Upcoming Leadership Projects

In November and December of 2018 a series of pastor and leadership training programs shall be conducted…

A Thank You

Here’s a word from one of our PALS over in Asia.

Spreading the Word

They’re spreading the gospel and leaving literature – Praise the LORD!

Fred’s Medical Update

Often… I’m pondering… How we have never begun to scratch the surface on what PRAYER is all about.


As I drive hundreds and hundreds of miles across the USA… I can’t help but observe, sense, ponder, and see our “culture” in a deeper way.

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