PALS stands for Partner and Leader Servants,

or our missionaries in other countries. These people are in places that need guidance, leadership, and love. Each PAL devotes their lives to serving Christ through orphanages, youth ministry, conferences, Bible studies, church-planting, and other types of ministry. Some are risking their lives, all are sacrificing, in the name of Jesus.

Our partners, who we refer to as PALS (Partner and Leader Servants), serve around the world on a daily basis, typically in their region or country of origin. We provide various kinds of support they need that build their influence and impact for the Kingdom.

We train and equip people in various places, training centers and remote villages. Many of our programs are designed specifically to train native pastors and leaders and plant churches. Training indigenous people is done in a variety of ways. This can include seminars and workshops, discipleship programs, meetings during short-term mission trips, Bible college courses, and one-on-one time with our staff. A lot of times, we provide new leaders with Bibles, literature, and other materials in their native tongues that fit their culture and level of maturity. Sometimes, leaders go through theology programs, eventually earning a certificate or degree. For many of our partners, completing this kind of training equips them to become leaders in their communities.

We have a very faithful network of local partners and workers who help us with paperwork, website maintenance, building upkeep, organization and several other projects, even at our headquarters. We never quite know when or how the Spirit will lead us to serve and help our partners in any way possible.

Education projects

At HIM we are beyond excited to show you what we have been working on. Check out our recent projects to see how we have been making an impact around the world.

As you explore our website, please note how you can get involved. You can look at our goalsmedia resources, and events to see how you can fit in. You can also watch the videos to get a feel for who we are. We’d love to have you as part of the team.

Spreading the Word

They’re spreading the gospel and leaving literature – Praise the LORD!

Fred’s Medical Update

Often… I’m pondering… How we have never begun to scratch the surface on what PRAYER is all about.


As I drive hundreds and hundreds of miles across the USA… I can’t help but observe, sense, ponder, and see our “culture” in a deeper way.

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