PALS | North America


2010 Population: over 110 million. 95% claim to be Christians. 60% of Mexico’s population is impoverished. There is widespread corruption within the police and government. Drug trade and gang violence are huge businesses in Mexico,allowing for over 500,000 addicts. The Christian population needs to focus on unity, biblical discipleship, leadership, missions, and evangelical outlook on finances. In the southern states of Mexico, there is persecution of evangelicals in the form of property damage, eviction, prejudice, and harassment.



As of 2010, Nicaragua’s population was over 5.8 million. 97% consider themselves Christian. Poverty controls the spiritual state of this country; liberation theology and prosperity theology play a big role in society. Though this society is poor and dysfunctional, the evangelical movement is growing, although there is division among churches. In a country that is still feeling the aftereffects of a civil war, a sense of loss, suffering, and bitterness hold fast. Stable families are rare in Nicaragua, and with 75% of its population being under 30 years of age, churches have trouble meeting the needs of this young generation.